Today, SULTON TEX GROUP offers high-quality yarns of the following types: carded, compact-combed, cotton Ne 16 -Ne 40.

The yarn is made by a ring method of spinning, both knitted and weaving, in the range of numbers from Ne 16/1 to Ne 40/1.

Contacting SULTON TEX GROUP, you can get the most complete offer, and solve all the problems connected with the uninterrupted supply of high-quality yarn of your weaving, knitting and hosiery stocking. The production capacity of SULTON TEX GROUP enterprises is 7000 tons of harsh yarn per year.

Quality of SULTON TEX GROUP yarn is confirmed by international certificates: ISO 9001: 2015.

The production facilities of SULTON TEX GROUP make it possible to manufacture all kinds of harsh yarn. It should be emphasized that the SULTON TEX GROUP products are exported to the EU, CIS, Turkey and many others. This indicates that our domestic brand meets the highest quality standards. This approach to production allows over the years to expand the geography of the company's success.