The second stage of the enterprise is commissioned


Shavkat Mirziyoyev became familiar with activities of Sulton Tex Group enterprise, in Karshi city. 

The project was included in the program approved by the resolution of the President of December

21, 2016, information about it was presented during previous visits of the Head of the state to the region.


In a short time, a modern enterprise appeared in the abandoned territory of the former cotton plant. It is

equipped with the latest cleaning, spinning and winding equipment from Switzerland and Japan. At the

first stage, deep processing of cotton fiber was established. About 300 people are working here. 


Over the past period of this year, products worth 12 million dollars were exported to Poland, Turkey,

Egypt and other countries, products worth 50 billion UZS were supplied to the domestic market. 


All processes from fiber cleaning to spinning are automated. The local laboratory strictly controls the quality

of fiber and yarn.


The Head of the state became familiar with the laboratory’s activities and talked with workers.


During the visit of the President at the end of the second phase of the project, the activity of the

spinning mill with a capacity of 3,000 tons of knitted fabric per year was launched.


At the next stages of the enterprise, with a total cost of 53 million dollars, it is planned to establish

production and dyeing of fabrics, production of finished products. In particular, the factory of finished

garments and clothing will be commissioned in January 2019. The cost of this project is 3 million dollars,

it is planned to equip with advanced European technologies. As a result, about 700 new jobs will be

created and production of 9 million units of finished products per year will be organized.


It is noteworthy that the company has organized a cotton-textile cluster, for which 10 thousand hectares of

land have been allocated in Karshi district. All processes from cotton growing, raw material processing,

production and sales of products will be carried out within one enterprise. This will allow to reduce the cost

of production, improve quality, produce finished products that are competitive in the world market.


Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave specific instructions on speedy and qualitative implementation of the next stages

of the enterprise, further expanding the product range and geography of exports, improving the cotton-textile



Presentation of projects on organization by Singapore’s Indorama of cotton-textile clusters in Kashkadarya

and Syrdarya, attracting foreign investment in Kashkadarya region with participation of Uzbekistan’s

embassies in Poland and the UK took place. Plans for implementation of large projects in agriculture

industry, and services were presented.




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